In Conversation with: Flora Beverley

Flora Beverley

Last week we caught up with Ultra Runner/ Fitness Blogger, Flora, at Love Trails Festival. Flora shares our love for active living and staying healthy. We chatted about the things that inspire her and how she winds down after a day on the trails.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

When I first started trail running and especially ultra running, there weren't that many people in my circle doing similar things. Now, though, I know SO many people who have discovered the joys of being out on the trails, and many more who are attempting their first ultramarathons and fell races. It's inspiring to watch them find a passion for it! Hearing other people talk about their love for something is incredibly motivating for me - if you are the average of the people you surround yourself with, I've chosen well.

Do you make any changes in the kitchen either pre or post-race?

I always eat loads, so not really! As I ramp up training I might suddenly get hungry at strange times of the day, and that's ok. I always honour my hunger, even if that means having dessert at 10pm or a second breakfast at 11am! I tend to stop drinking in the weeks before a race too, just so my sleep is tip top. 


What’s your go-to healthy ritual?

I used to be really obsessive about health, so I'm not very prescriptive anymore. For me, mental health is at least as important as physical health, so most of my healthy rituals are all about getting some headspace. Getting outside, listening to nature, gardening, walking the dog - these are all things that help keep me grounded.
What’s the most exciting thing in the pipeline for you right now?

To be honest I've had a very exciting year so far, completing my 2 biggest races ever within the last 2 months. Because of that, the most exciting thing I have coming up is rest and recovery! There will be more adventures planned soon, but not before I catch up on some R&R.

Do you have any tips for regular runners trying to run longer?

My top tips for people trying to run further are: go slower! Your body can run further than you think, but not at 200m pace. Slow it down and you'll be amazed how far you can do. Secondly, don't build up too quickly. You should not add more than 10% to your weekly mileage each week - more than that could lead to injury or burnout. Thirdly, go to the gym! As you run further, your muscles need to be stronger to withstand hours on your feet. Going to the gym will mean you break down a lot slower than those who skip leg day. 




What’s your favourite Pentire flavour?

I love them both, but Seaward probably tops it for me!



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