‎In Conversation With: Katherine Heath

We caught up with Brand Director and environmentalist, Katherine Heath. Alongside her day job at (Hug)London, Katherine is the Founder of More This, a curated directory of brands doing good; and co-creator of The Outliers newsletter.


What’s inspiring you at the moment?

So many things! I find daily inspiration in talking to the founders of the brands I get to work with through (hug), they're all genuinely on a mission to make the world a better place and I love that. I'm also inspired by the people I get to spend my time with, I'm lucky to be surrounded by some very talented people and just talking through a problem can turn into an inspiring conversation. And, listening to others' stories. I've been listening to Holly Tucker's 'Conversations of Inspiration' podcast recently, and would highly recommend it for anyone starting a business. Everyone who has built a successful brand has their own unique story, it's proof that there is no right way to do it and that leaning into who you are really is the only option. 

What’s your go-to healthy ritual?

Time outside. Honestly, nothing else makes me feel better than spending time outside. I try to get outside each morning to kick start my circadian rhythms, helping me wake up and sleep better the next night. I also try to make sure that my outdoor time involves a dip in the sea as often as possible, I'm lucky that it's just a 10-minute cycle to the beach so I try and get down there before work a few times a week. I'm becoming increasingly aware of the time I spend sitting still and indoors, so I'm consciously making an effort to change that at the moment. 

How do you make sure you are ready for the day ahead?

If I'm working from home I'll swim, run or at least walk in the morning. Our flat overlooks a park so I can pop out with my morning coffee before settling at my desk. If I'm heading into London I have less of a routine but there will always be a coffee in bed, no matter what. I try to take a bit of time on Sunday to plan my week too, it makes it easier to handle the things that pop up out of nowhere and need to be solved/dealt with. 

Can you name one brand that is killing it at the moment and why?

One is really hard! I have three that are often my go-to examples of what great brand building looks like and I can't pick one so... 

Finisterre — protecting the sea. I remember first stumbling across Finisterre having never even heard the name before, now I spot their clothing in Brighton and London. It's great to see a brand that stays so true to its values growing and driving change in an industry that very much needs it. 

Paynter — fighting fast fashion. Everything is faster these days, we can buy things on Amazon and they'll arrive the next day, but it's true that good things take time. By making to order and only small batches of products a few times a year, Paynter is showing everyone what buying clothes (or anything for that matter) should be about. 

Poolsuite — if you haven't heard of them, Google them and you'll find an online world that's very hard to forget. They're a brand that seriously knows how to have fun and execute on their ideas brilliantly. 

All unique but all so incredibly focused on who they are and what their brand means to people. You hear people talking about self-awareness a lot and the importance of it when it comes to communicating with others, I think the same applies to brands. As a brand you need to be very aware of who you are and how you're perceived, it's a great strength. 

What helps you get into a work zone?

Exercise. I find it so much easier to sit down and get into a flow state with work when I've exercised. And time blocking, I use my calendar to plan my day and it makes a world of difference, I always think I have more time than I do so planning is critical for me. 

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