In Conversation With: Will Harper-Penrose



We caught up with Ultra Runner and coach, Will, for a run along our local coast path and a well deserved P&T afterwards. Will shares our love for active coastal living and loves getting out on the trails across Cornwall. We chatted about the things that inspire him and his post race go to.



What’s inspiring you at the moment?

I’m never not inspired by nature, whether that’s being in it or planning to be in it, preferably for a long time and on my feet.

What’s your go-to healthy ritual?

It’s hard not to sound self-righteous, but I start every day with a 4-mile hike, carrying my son on my back while he catches a morning snooze. I try to get a cold plunge in the river too, for the legs and the soul.

What’s the most exciting thing in the pipeline for you right now?

Life is exciting with a toddler in tow, but in work and running, my coaching clients give me a buzz. They’ve been putting in the miles all year and now it’s racing season, I’m constantly in awe of them. Future exciting projects include Cornwall’s first Last Man Standing event, which is currently in the planning phase. It’s long overdue and I can’t wait to make people run around the woods for, potentially, days on end!


What’s your top tip for staying motivated to keep active?

Committing to getting through the front door, the rest comes after that. I don’t need much motivation to run. I need motivation to take the bin out and do the hoovering! Running is just pure joy.

What’s a post-race go to for you?

In a perfect world, I would get in the sea immediately (colder the better) and eat something protein heavy! It’s important for me to help my recovery in the best way I can. Eating and drinking healthy is the goal. I love a Pentire & Tonic as its super clean and refreshing.

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Photo Credits : Jamie Dumont