Discover: Elderflower

Midsummer is a great time to forage edible wild plants. The hedgerows often full of ingredients to make delicious food and drinks with. In the hedgerows this month is the spectacular sight of elderflower.

The scent and sight of elderflowers is a true mark of summer. Fragrant flowers, followed by dark berries provide nectar and food for insects, birds and mammals. Rich in bioflavonoids and has been used in traditional medicine for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, treating pain, swelling and high blood sugar.

Elderflower has a delicate flavour - fragrant, floral and refreshing. It can be made into a simple syrup of water and sugar that’s infused with the flower. A handy addition to any pantry, which can be used across many food and drinks recipes.  It pairs amazingly with lemon, pear, thyme, mint and basil. We’ve made a batch to experiment with some new serves. Watch this space!