Earlier this summer, we were fortunate to spend the day with Founder of The Practise, friend of Pentire and Lululemon Ambassador, Annie Clarke, in the ancient oak woodlands at Cabilla Cornwall.

Surrounded by the wildflower meadows and flowing rivers at Cabilla, Annie reminds us that feeling connected to nature can help us to build deeper connection within.

This film is very close to our hearts and we hope that Annie’s yoga practise and approach to holistic wellbeing will inspire your own healthy rituals in the same way it did for us.

"When I’m flowing through a yoga practise, I feel the movement of the water in a river or the heat of the sun or the strength and support of the Earth and it’s this incredible reminder of how those elements are running through us – how we are those elements."

"I try to make sure I have time to move, time to get outside, to breathe, to slow down and to give myself the space just to notice and receive and respond to whatever it is that is coming up for me whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally or a combination of all of them."

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