Healthy Rituals | The Bleakleys

Versed in ocean literacy and the powerful, healing energy of nature, the Bleakley family believe that a deep rooted connection to the landscape surrounding them provides a much greater richness to life than one spent chasing conventional wealth. We were lucky enough to spend a day with Sam, writer, film maker and longboarding surf champion; his wife Sandy, holistic massage therapist; and their children Ruben and Lola, just a few miles down the coast from us in West Cornwall. 


Placing value in an intergenerational connection to the landscape has always felt important to Sam in raising his kids; along with passing on the wisdom gained from his own father and knowledge built from a lifetime spent in rhythm with the tide, weather and swell of his local coastline.







“”The ocean has always been a very powerful place for me, she's very nurturing"  - Sandy Bleakley