Pentire is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to gin.

We make botanical non-alcoholic spirits crafted for active living


Crisp, Herbaceous and Fresh

Notes of citrus, coupled with Sage, Rock Samphire and Sea Salt for a round herbal finish.


Zesty, Invigorating and replenishing

Bright and zesty grapefruit citrus top notes blended with refreshing green natural tones.

Quick delivery and one of the best non alcoholic drinks I’ve tried to date! The seaward is our favourite, with tonic and a slice of grapefruit it feels just like a wee glass of gin. Customer service is also 10/10

Hannah ★★★★★

Always such a pleasure to order from Pentire Drinks great service and of course great flavours, I love them all. The subtle taste of the coastline is clearly evident, especially with the Seaward, and worth savouring.

Katie ★★★★★

I tried Pentire. Love it! Especially the herby, slightly marine taste. From a health perspective: non-alcoholic options are the way to go. This is not a pretend drink - It’s a flavour in its own right.

Jonathan ★★★★★

Pentire was founded on a love for coastal living.

"Catching waves until dusk. Camping on cliff tops and foraging hedgerows for unexpected bounty. Sharing and experimenting with the flavours we found on the coast. We wanted to bottle that experience. And create a drink that harnesses the power, beauty and immense flavours of plants."

Alistair Frost — Founder


Pentire is a celebration of unique plant life that grows on the surrounding headland. Key botanicals thrive here due to a combination of favourable climate, soil pH, and air moisture.

Our Ingredients

Pentire was brought to life after extensive research and collaboration with local botanists, distillers and mixologists on the Cornish coast. Pentire captures the unique botanical range on local headlands and the flavours and they deliver through careful distillation.  We don’t describe our drinks as “low alcohol gin” because our distillation process is unique to Pentire, but we have created a delicious alternative that’s 100% plant based and full of flavour.